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by appointment


Massage Therapist Yvonne Larson



BIO: With 20 years in the Health & Beauty Industry, The NECK Work Expert, Master Massage Therapist, Yvonne Larson, has the experience to customize every treatment to the needs of her clients. At The Institute of Massage & Miracles, Health Masters, and The Winter’s School her massage skills blossomed. Yvonne has studied directly with numerous highly acclaimed and influential masters in the holistic healing and metaphysical disciplines. She honed her energetic bodywork and three separate Reiki Masters. She’s trained practitioners in various massage schools Texas and California. At the very prestigious ”The Spa at the Houstonian” Yvonne learned numerous spa treatments. Yvonne’s own day spa in Houston nurtured a client base of 600+ with a weekly schedule of 50 hrs of treatments WITH WAITING LIST! Upon moving to California she was asked to be on the board of directors for a private training facility & spa in Beverly Hills and served there as the Spa director. Yvonne’s delightful Los Angeles office is an oasis nestled in heart of West LA. Once again, her practice has grown to capacity with a waiting list and she employs a screening process to determine a proper match. She believes that the client is best served when placed with the appropriate therapist & therefore always refers to other skilled practitioners when necessary. As an expert in her field, she now offers all that experience & skill to you from her West L.A. office! With hundreds of client testimonials to her credit…Her motto is

“Give me ONE visit, I’ll EARN your business for life!”