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Neuromuscular therapy John Brauer , LMT,


Acute and chronic pain can rob you of your quality of life, force you to limit your activities, and even make it impossible to think straight. Whether it’s low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, TMJ pain, headaches (chronic, tension, migraine, cluster), frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitis…
Don’t put up with it any longer. Now is the time to take back your life!
Utilizing Neuromuscular Therapy and Mysoskeletal Alignment Therapy techniques, along with other appropriate massage modalities, John will work with you to eliminate the causes of your pain, restore body symmetry and proper muscle function.
For those who are already pain free and want to stay that way, or athletes who want to keep their bodies finely tuned, we can work together to set up a maintenance program suited to your specific needs.
John started his massage practice in 1992. He has studied with Paul St. John (Neuromuscular Therapy), Erik Dalton (Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy), and Garnet Dupuis (Connective Tissue Integration), among others.


½ hour: $60.00
1 hour: $110.00

Gift certificates and series discounts are available.