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Kiana Hillier

310 560-4748


Call for an appointment. Sessions are scheduled at the mutual convenience of client and coach. Kiana is available weekends and evenings. All coaching programs can combine in-person or web-video and telephone sessions. Your relationship with Kiana will be unique and confidential. The goal is to identify your most important aspirations, define specific, realistic outcomes to accomplish within a mutually agreed-upon time frame, design specific action steps to be implemented  with ongoing coaching support and manageable action steps.

        Kiana”s individual coaching is designed to help you achieve your most important career and life goals.  Individual coaching provides ongoing support, structure, encouragement and non-judgmental accountability in all areas, including fitness and health.  The coaching relationship is collaborative, action-oriented, supportive and its focus is on you -- what you want in the professional and personal aspects of your life and how you can attain it. The frequency and pace of sessions are tailored to meet your needs and scheduling demands. The coaching relationship is entirely focused on getting the results you want.