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Acupuncture Casey Smith

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Casey Marie Smith, L.Ac.- Received her Master’s degree on the Dean’s list from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California. Casey has a specialty with regulating woman’s cycles, fertility, pregnancy and regaining physical and emotional well-being after birth. She has experience with addiction, eating disorders, post traumatic stress and also treats clients for pain, emotional support and management through major life changes. She offers customized herbal formulas drawing from multicultural medicinal traditions. Casey uses essential oils from Floracopeia, tuning forks designed by John Beaulieu to balance the neurotransmitters and hormones along side her acupuncture and herbal practice.

Casey’s background includes studies of Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Chinese Medicine and aromatherapy with David Crow, L.Ac. At The California Healing Arts College, An intensive study of Ayurveda with the King’s doctors in Nepal and 3 years of Health Science related courses at Santa Monica College. She taught a “woman’s wellness exam” to second year doctors, physician assistants, nurse-midwives and chiropractor students for over 4 years at UCLA, USC, Phoenix University and L.A. Chiropractic University. In 1998, she became a certified Doula (birthing coach) and has continued to immerse herself in the field through educational workshops, fellow colleagues and birth experiences. Casey has learned the art of Craniosacral unwinding extensively with Gary Strauss, Bio-dynamic Craniosacral techniques and Certified in Somatic Trauma Resolution with Sharon Porter at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing and the Polarity Healing Arts.

She sets her intention in her exchanges with clients to create an environment that would provide the highest outcome for the client, practitioner and all relations.