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Elisa Angelone


Elisa has dedicated the past 12 years of her life to the art & practice of acupuncture.

She treats with a gentle and interactive form of Japanese acupuncture that uses a systemized method of palpation and observation of the body for diagnosis, and patient feedback to help resolve past & current trauma in the body. Instead of waiting for the body to be in pain or in a state of anxiety and disease, this specialized form of diagnosis allows her to detect and treat imbalances before illness manifests in the body.

Since earning her degree and license in acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Toronto, she has had the privilege to study abroad in both Japan, China and all over the continental United States in order to learn directly with some of the greatest masters of her medicine.

Elisa aims to make Holistic Medicine accessible and understandable by communicating her treatments and diagnosis through a dialogue that is clear and relevant so that her clients can feel empowered.

She specializes in the integrative treatment of mind & body wellness, fertility, pain management and digestive disorders. She also combines her western training as a birth doula with her expertise in holistic pre and post natal care to best support women throughout every stage of their pregnancy.


Using a unique combination of Chinese Medicine theory, Western diagnosis, Japanese palpation, and Nutritional supplementation, Elisa provides a truly integrative treatment that works to align the body, mind and spirit. With thoughtful individualized care, she provides the best of Eastern and Western medicine, rooting her practice in the ancient wisdom of traditional Asian medicine, while perfectly catering to the needs of the fast paced lives of modern Los Angelinos.